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About Historical Waterloo

For many years, I have been fascinated by the early development of my hometown, Waterloo, Iowa. It is difficult for many of us today to fathom how much this town has changed throughout the years.

I am making these images available to help members of our community better understand the history and development of our town.

I own physical copies of all postcards, stereoscopic views, or photographs published on this website. Other images posted here have been taken from historical publications that are believed to be in the public domain, and will be marked as such.

I have done a fair amount of research about the images posted here, in order to confirm the creators and/or years of publication. Items believed to be in the public domain are marked as such, but I am not a lawyer, and you should do your own copyright search prior to using these images in any commercial capacity.

If you believe you own the copyright for any of these images, please contact me at historicalwaterlooiowa@gmail.com.

I do ask that if you use original research found on this site (which will be labeled as such), you make sure to properly credit this website in your publication or presentation.

If you have questions that are not answered here, please contact me at historicalwaterlooiowa@gmail.com.

Please check back for new images. I will add them as I acquire them.

October 11, 2019