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BHC Courthouse.png
Black Hawk County Court House, Waterloo, Iowa.

East High School Assembly.png
Junior & Senior Assembly, East Side High School, Waterloo, Iowa.

William Galloway Office Building.png
Wm. Galloway Co.'s Office Bldg., Waterloo, Ia.

Washington Park, 1909.

Friedl's Bakery Wagon.

Parade near Irving 2.png
Parade, corner of Commercial and Bridge Streets.

Notable in this view are the Irving Hotel, the Brown Crockery Company building, and the Young Men's Christian Association.

Leavitt & Johnson.png
Leavitt & Johnson National Bank Building.

Interior I.C. Shops.png
Interior of Illinois Central Machine Shops.

Illnois Central Roundhouse.png
Illinois Central Round House and Shops, WATERLOO, Iowa.

Card marked "Made in Germany."

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I.C.R.R. Shops.png
Bird's Eye View of I.C.R.R. Shops, Waterloo, Ia.

Card marked "Made in Germany."

Card marked "C.E. Wheelock & Co., Peoria, Ill."

I.C.R.R. Roundhouse.png
Illinois Central Roundhouse and Machine Shops, Waterloo, Iowa.

Fourth Street Bridge.png
Fourth Street Bridge and East Side River Bank.

Card view features Black's Building, City Mill Buildings, First National Building.

Fourth Street.png
East Fourth Street.

This is a view of the 200 block of East Fourth Street. Notable in this view is the Princess Theater, which was in business between 1909-1919.

East Side High School 1.png
East Side High School / East Side Junior High.

The is a view of the second East High School Building, which functioned as a high school between 1897-1918. After the third East High was built in 1918-1919, the second East High (along with theā€¦

Central Yards.png
Clamshell Bucket Unloading Coal, Illinois Central Yards, Waterloo, Iowa.

5th Street Bridge 1.png
Real Photo Post Card: 5th Str. Bridge, Waterloo, IA, #96. (c) N.P. Co.

Visible in this view is the Russell-Lamson Hotel building, dating this card to between 1914-1921.
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Chautauqua Park Gate.png
Real Photo Postcard: Gate at Chautauqua Park, Waterloo, Iowa.

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Chautauqua Park 1.png
Chautauqua Park, Waterloo, Iowa.

View shows Coliseum, Willard Hall and Bathhouse.

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Coliseum and Willard Hall, Chautauqua Park, Waterloo, Iowa.

The Coliseum was built to replace an older amphitheatre in the summer of 1906. It burned in a fire on March 16, 1922.

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Chautauqua Pavilion.png
Pavilion, Chautauqua Park, Waterloo, Ia.

The Coliseum was built to replace an older amphitheatre in the summer of 1906. It burned in a fire on March 16, 1922.

Card marked "Made in Germany."

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