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Waterloo Opera House.png
Real Photo Postcard: The Waterloo Opera House, Waterloo, Iowa. No. 33.

Divided back.

511-513 Lafayette, Waterloo, Iowa

Card shows exterior of YMCA on Bridge Street, the Boat Club, and the Social Rooms.

Logan House Antecedents

In June 1866, Mr. Peter West and Mrs. Elizabeth Hubbard (his mother-in-law) built a new brick hotel on the corner of Bridge (later known as E. 4th) & Sycamore. The main building was 40 x 50, with a kitchen 20 x 24. It was a…

Waterloo 1915 from West High.png
Reprint published in the Waterloo Courier, that originally came from the January 1916 issue of System magazine. The reprint appeared in the Courier's Improvement edition on January 1, 1916.

Notable in this view is the Superior Apartment building,…

Commercial National Bank Building

The Federal Building in Waterloo, Iowa.

Divided back.

The 5th Street Bridge was reconstructed in 1908, using the melan arch style. A footbridge was constructed.

Presbyterian Hospital, 1904.

Commercial National Bank, 1904.

The Commercial National Bank was founded in 1882 as Commercial Bank. It became a national bank in February 1883.

Waterloo Saddlery Company, 1903.

Illustration, Waterloo Business College, 1897.

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