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Waterloo Opera House.png
Real Photo Postcard: The Waterloo Opera House, Waterloo, Iowa. No. 33.

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511-513 Lafayette, Waterloo, Iowa

Logan House Antecedents

In June 1866, Mr. Peter West and Mrs. Elizabeth Hubbard (his mother-in-law) built a new brick hotel on the corner of Bridge (later known as E. 4th) & Sycamore. The main building was 40 x 50, with a kitchen 20 x 24. It was a…

Commercial National Bank Building

Commercial National Bank, 1904.

The Commercial National Bank was founded in 1882 as Commercial Bank. It became a national bank in February 1883.

Waterloo Saddlery Company, 1903.

Leavitt & Johnson.png
Leavitt & Johnson National Bank Building.

Woods Bros. Furniture.png
Woods Bros. Furniture Store, Waterloo, Iowa.

Woods Bros. Furniture was founded in 1903 by C.M. Woods, J.C. Woods and J.H. Woods. They were located at 172-176 Bridge Street. In 1914, the business was sold to the Davidson Company of Des…

Wittick Market.png
307 West Fourth Street

Waterloo Furniture Company.png
Waterloo Furniture Co., 312-314 East 4th Street.

Card also features views of the Coliseum at Chautauqua Park, the Melan Arch bridges, East Park Avenue and the interior of the Waterloo Furniture Company.

The business moved in to the brand new…

Smith Lichty and Hillman.png
Smith, Lichty and Hillman Co.
Main Building, Park Ave., Waterloo, Ia. / Sycamore St. Ware-House.

Card marked "Made in U.S.A."


Russell Lamson Lobby.png
Lobby of Hotel Russell-Lamson, Waterloo, Iowa.
Opened September 1, 1914. 250 Rooms, 150 With Bath. Horton-Holden Hotel Co.

Card marked "Commercialchrome."

Model Laundry.png
Model Laundry, Cleaning and Dyeing Co., Waterloo, Iowa, G.R. Spensley, Manager.

Opened in September 1910, closed in 1954 when DeWitt John Spensley purchased D.J. Cleaners.

Housed at 330 East 4th St. until 1938. Building later became known as…

Model Clothiers.png
The Model Clothiers, Up-to-Date Store. John Lund, Mgr. 208 East 4th Street, Waterloo, Iowa.

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Metropole Hotel.png
Metropole Hotel, Waterloo, Iowa.

Formerly the Hall House, the Metropole Hotel was opened in January 1902. It was located at 313 W. 4th St. The Hotel operated until the summer of 1940, after which time it was sold and became the Congress…

LaFayette Building 2.png
Lafayette Building, Waterloo, Iowa - Interurban and C.G.W. Ry. Waiting room. Pub. For 5 & 10C Dept. Store.

James Black Dry Goods.png
The James Black Dry Goods Co., Waterloo, Iowa.

"Draperies and Curtains, Fourth Floor."

Card marked "C.T. American Art".

Card marked "Made in U.S.A."

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Daily Reporter Building.png
Wholesale District, Waterloo, Ia.

Notable in this view is the building of the Waterloo Daily Reporter.

Irving Hotel.png
The Irving Hotel. Kingsley & Kingsley, Proprietors. Waterloo, Iowa.

Card marked "C.T. Photochrom."

Card marked "Made in U.S.A."

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G.E. Boyce, Syndicate Building.png
G.E. Boyce, Optical Specialist, Syndicate Building, Waterloo, Iowa.

View features Syndicate Theatre, Syndicate Building, and Melan Arch Bridge.

First National Bank.png
First National Bank Building.

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