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Card shows exterior of YMCA on Bridge Street, the Boat Club, and the Social Rooms.

Woods Bros. Furniture.png
Woods Bros. Furniture Store, Waterloo, Iowa.

Woods Bros. Furniture was founded in 1903 by C.M. Woods, J.C. Woods and J.H. Woods. They were located at 172-176 Bridge Street. In 1914, the business was sold to the Davidson Company of Des…

Henderson Drug.png
Real Photo Post Card: Henderson Drug.

Henderson Drug was located on the Corner of Bridge and Commercial Streets where the Waterloo Building now stands. Also notable in this view are the Waterloo Savings Bank, the S.A. Asquith & Bro. store, and the…

Bridge Street looking north.png
Bridge Street, looking north towards the bridge.

Card marked "Made in Germany."

Divided back.

Illustration, Beck, Nauman and Watts Company, 1898
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