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East Side Library 3.png
East Side Library.

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East Side High School.png
East Side High and Manual Training School, Waterloo, Iowa.

The is a view of the second East High School Building, which functioned as a high school between 1897-1918. After the third East High was built in 1918-1919, the second East High (along…

East Fourth Street.png
East Fourth Street, Looking West, Waterloo, Iowa.

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East Side Opera House.png
East Side Opera House, Waterloo, Iowa.

Card marked "Made in Germany."

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North from 4th Street Bridge.png
Waterloo, Ia., North from 4th Street Bridge.

Notable in this view are the Upper Dam, the Waterloo Water Works Building, the Smith Lichty & Hillman Building, and the dome of the Black Hawk County Courthouse.

Card marked "Germany."


Wholesale District.png
Glimpses of Waterloo: Melan Arch Bridge and Wholesale District.

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East Side Public Library 1905.png
East Side Public Library, Waterloo, Iowa.

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Waterloo RPPC Series 1.93.png
Real Photo Postcard: Aeroplane View, Waterloo, Iowa. No. 93.

Notable in this view are the Corn Belt Telephone Co., the mill buildings, Commercial National Bank, Black's Building, First National Bank, and the Fifth Street Bridge.

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