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Illustration, The Vera Hotel at Cedar River Park, 1893.

Illustration, The Hotel at Cedar River Park, 1893.

Parade near Irving 2.png
Parade, corner of Commercial and Bridge Streets.

Notable in this view are the Irving Hotel, the Brown Crockery Company building, and the Young Men's Christian Association.

Sycamore Street.png
Sycamore Street, Waterloo, Iowa.

Card features the Hotel Martin and the Palace Theater.

Russell Lamson Lobby.png
Lobby of Hotel Russell-Lamson, Waterloo, Iowa.
Opened September 1, 1914. 250 Rooms, 150 With Bath. Horton-Holden Hotel Co.

Card marked "Commercialchrome."

Metropole Hotel.png
Metropole Hotel, Waterloo, Iowa.

Formerly the Hall House, the Metropole Hotel was opened in January 1902. It was located at 313 W. 4th St. The Hotel operated until the summer of 1940, after which time it was sold and became the Congress…

Hotel Sans Souci.png
Hotel at San Souci Park, Waterloo, Iowa.

Card marked ""Elite" No. 109, Suhling & Koehn Co., Pub., Chicago."

Ellis Hotel.png
Ellis Hotel, Waterloo, Iowa.

Card marked "Made in Germany."

Divided back.

Ellis Hotel Interior.png
Interior Ellis Hotel, Waterloo, Iowa.

Card marked "Pub. For 5 & 10C Dept. Store"

Undivided back.

Ellis Hotel Dining Room.png
Ellis Hotel Dining Room, Waterloo, Iowa.

Ellis Hotel Color.png
Ellis Hotel, Waterloo, Iowa.

Card marked "Made in U.S.A."

Card marked "C.T. American Art."

Divided back.

Irving Hotel.png
The Irving Hotel. Kingsley & Kingsley, Proprietors. Waterloo, Iowa.

Card marked "C.T. Photochrom."

Card marked "Made in U.S.A."

Divided back.

5th & Jefferson 1918.png
The intersection of West Fifth and Jefferson Streets.

Notable in this view are the Elmer Hotel, and the Hotel Russell Lamson.

Undivided back.

Waterloo RPPC Series 1.29.png
Real Photo Postcard: Fourth St. Looking East, Waterloo, Iowa. No. 29.

Waterloo RPPC Series 1.5.png
Real Photo Postcard: Fourth St. S.W. From Mulberry, Waterloo, Iowa. No. 5.

Divided back.

Waterloo RPPC Series 1.1.png
Real Photo Postcard: West Fourth Street, Waterloo, Iowa. No. 1.

Notable in this photo are The Metropole Hotel (313 W. 4th Street) and The Scenic Theater (316 W. 4th St.).

Divided back postcard.

An illustration of the Logan House Hotel, published in the Iowa State Reporter on June 7, 1883
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