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Waterloo Furniture Company.png
Waterloo Furniture Co., 312-314 East 4th Street.

Card also features views of the Coliseum at Chautauqua Park, the Melan Arch bridges, East Park Avenue and the interior of the Waterloo Furniture Company.

The business moved in to the brand new…

G.E. Boyce, Syndicate Building.png
G.E. Boyce, Optical Specialist, Syndicate Building, Waterloo, Iowa.

View features Syndicate Theatre, Syndicate Building, and Melan Arch Bridge.

Wholesale District.png
Glimpses of Waterloo: Melan Arch Bridge and Wholesale District.

Undivided back.

Waterloo RPPC Series 1.12.png
Real Photo Postcard: Fourth Street Bridge, Waterloo, Iowa. No. 12.

Divided back. No space for stamp.

Waterloo RPPC Series 1.11.png
Real Photo Postcard: Fifth Street Bridge, Waterloo, Iowa. No. 11.

Divided back.
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