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Fourth Street Bridge.png
Fourth Street Bridge and East Side River Bank.

Card view features Black's Building, City Mill Buildings, First National Building.

Wholesale District.png
Glimpses of Waterloo: Melan Arch Bridge and Wholesale District.

Undivided back.

Melan Arch Bridge 1907.png
Melan Arch Bridge, Waterloo, Iowa.

The view features the Fourth Street Bridge and the Union Mill Building on the East Bank of the Cedar.

Undivided back.

Melan Arch Bridge 2.png
Melan Arch Bridge, Waterloo, Iowa.

Undivided back.

East Bank.png
Birdseye View of East Side.

Notable in this view are the Union Mill buildings.
Undivided back.

Waterloo RPPC Series 1.93.png
Real Photo Postcard: Aeroplane View, Waterloo, Iowa. No. 93.

Notable in this view are the Corn Belt Telephone Co., the mill buildings, Commercial National Bank, Black's Building, First National Bank, and the Fifth Street Bridge.

Divided back.

Waterloo RPPC Series 1.46.png
Real Photo Postcard: The Old Paper Mill, Waterloo, Iowa. No. 46.History of the Waterloo Paper Mill Construction on the Waterloo Paper Company's new paper mill began in 1888, and the mill began production in 1889. The mill bought straw from local…

Illustration, Union Mill Company's Cedar Mill, 1883
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