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Chautauqua Park.png
Near Chautauqua Park, Waterloo, Iowa.

Marked "Made in Germany"

Hall in the Grove.png
Chautauqua Park: Hall in the Grove.

Undivided back.

Washington Park.png
An early view of Washington Park.

Card marked "Made in Germany."

Divided back.

Hotel Sans Souci.png
Hotel at San Souci Park, Waterloo, Iowa.

Card marked ""Elite" No. 109, Suhling & Koehn Co., Pub., Chicago."

Lafayette Park.png
Bridge and Pavilion, LaFayette Park, Waterloo, Iowa.

Card marked "C.T. American Art Colored."

Coliseum and Willard Hall, Chautauqua Park, Waterloo, Iowa.

The Coliseum was built to replace an older amphitheatre in the summer of 1906. It burned in a fire on March 16, 1922.

Undivided back.

Chautauqua Park Gate.png
Real Photo Postcard: Gate at Chautauqua Park, Waterloo, Iowa.

Divided back.

Washington Park, 1909.

Illustration, The Vera Hotel at Cedar River Park, 1893.

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