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Syndicate Building.png
Bird's-Eye View of Business District, Waterloo, Iowa.

This view features the Syndicate Building in the foreground, and a view of the east side in the background.

G.E. Boyce, Syndicate Building.png
G.E. Boyce, Optical Specialist, Syndicate Building, Waterloo, Iowa.

View features Syndicate Theatre, Syndicate Building, and Melan Arch Bridge.

Upper Dam by Spurr.png
Upper Dam.

This view features the upper dam, with the Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA) building in the background. The Syndicate Building and the Waterloo Building are also visible.

Syndicate Block.png
Syndicate Block and Y.M.C.A. Building, Waterloo, Iowa.

Undivided back.

Office Buildings.png
Glimpses of Waterloo: Prominent Commercial Buildings.

Card features Commercial Bank Building, Lafayette Building, Russell Lamson Building, and Syndicate Building.

Undivided back.

Fourth St. Bridge.png
Fourth Street Bridge.

Notable in this view are the YMCA Building, the Syndicate Building, The Nauman Co., and the Federal Building.

Waterloo RPPC Series 1.83.png
Real Photo Postcard: Birds Eye View From Russell Lamson Hotel, Waterloo, Iowa. No. 83.

Notable in this view are Commercial Street, the Majestic Theater / Syndicate Building, and the Black's Building.

Divided back.

Waterloo RPPC Series 1.81.png
Real Photo Postcard: Birds-Eye View From Russell Lamson Hotel, Waterloo, Iowa. No. 81.

View looking towards Irving Hotel.

Divided back
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